New Homes And Frugal Design Ideas

21 March 2011 | Custom Building

New homes are getting smaller for many reasons. That’s why design will play a larger part in creating those smaller homes without giving anything up. Today economy is forcing builders to design new homes smarter which will be better for home buyers.

Here are a few design ideas that I have learned

  1. Use more pocket doors. A pocket door cab save up to 10 square fet of swinging area
  2. Improve the circulation in your home design.  Hallways eat up space. In  a open floor plans  hallway space is either minimize or remove base on the face of shared space.
  3. Design secret hideaways.   Create niches ,exploit all cavities, create places for things such as trash, recycling centers, canned goods, linins and seating.  Reduce visual clutter make any room seem larger.
  4. Look higher for storage space. Almost all new homes have 9’ ceiling. So create storage space above the area you can’t reach. Utilize that each 1’ in closets , kitchens and storage areas.
  5. Create memory points. The good thing about smaller homes  is that they is less to decorate. So remember to have a wow factor in each room. People will remember your memory points and not the size of the room.

Remember, greatness in is the details. It is those small details that will make the difference.

Good luck building your new home.  If I can help you in anyway or answer question feel free to contact me. Thanks for visiting.

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