Design Ideas For Smaller New Homes

21 March 2011 | Custom Building

New homes are getting smaller for many reasons. That’s why design will play a larger part in creating those smaller homes without giving anything up. Today economy is forcing builders to design homes smarter which will be better for home buyers.

One of the cheapest ways to make a smaller home feel larger is to steal the space from outside, thru the use of windows to make a room feel bigger. A properly place window can make a room feel much larger.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. When you enter thru the front door , make sure you see thru the home to the exterior. First impression are important and the ability to see thru a home steal space from outside and brings it in..
  2. Add corner windows whenever possible. Having the ability to see both straight out and to the left or right always make any room feel larger.
  3. Sunlight in general always make a room feel larger. So don’t get cheap on the size or number of windows you plan to use.

Steal the light and space from the exterior of a home is free. So don’t over look.

Remember, greatness in is the details. It is those small details that will make the difference.

Good luck building your new home.  If I can help you in any way or answer question feel free to contact me. Thanks for visiting.

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