New Homes Built Green – Conserving Natural Resources

21 March 2011 | Custom Building

We all need to understand that building green homes is important for the future of this planet. But we also need to understand that building green home is more than just using recycles materials.

So in an attempt to help you understand a little more about building green homes, this part of my series is about how we can conserve our natural resources. So here are a few things to think about before you build your next new home:

  1. Plastic Lumber:  Recycled plastic lumber or plastic/wood composite lumber provide durable alternatives to solid wood for exterior applications such as fences, benches, decking, docks, retaining walls, picnic tables, and landscape borders. Due to its weather-and insect-resistant nature, plastic lumber can readily substitute for treated wood in non-structural applications. Plastic lumber is also rot and corrosion-proof, and will not crack, splinter, or chip. It has a long life expectancy in exposed, sub-grade or marine applications, and does not leach chemicals into ground or surface water or soil as treated wood can.
  2. Engineered Wood: There are many different type of engineered wood products.  These products combine efficient raw material use with improved strength and performance capabilities to produce a superior option to traditional materials. Engineered lumber manufacturers use fast-growing, small-diameter trees efficiently. Combining wood veneer and fiber with adhesives produces laminated veneer lumber. Wood roof and floor trusses are commonly used instead of cut rafters because they save both time and materials. They can also reduce wood waste because, ideally, you order only what you need, and because of efficiencies in the production process.
  3. Fiber Cement Siding: Fiber-cement siding is a durable and low maintenance product. But is also a very efficient way of recycling our natural resources.  It also offers a fire rating that most other exterior sidings do not.
  4. Brick: The manufacturing process for making brick is very efficient combined with  it’s  life expectance make brick one of the most green exterior siding choices. Add the fact that you can recycle brick in the future makes this a no brainer in green building.

Good planning leads to good execution. That is why when you start to plan to build that next new home, you need to plan for the future.

Remember, greatness in is the details. It is those small details that will make your next home a custom home.  Good luck designing your own home. I hope this helps you with you building your next new home.

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