New Homes Built Green – Indoor Air Quality

We all need to understand that building green homes is important for the future of this planet. But we also need to understand that building green home is more than just using recycles materials.

So in an attempt to help you understand a little more about building green homes, this part of my series is about indoor air quality.  Air Quality its high on most people’s list until it’s to late. So here are a few things to think about before you build your next new home:

  1. Carpeting: Most people don’t think carpet has anything to do with air quality, but it dose. By using low-pile or less allergen-attracting carpet and pad can greatly improve indoor air quality. Installing carpeting by tacking rather than using glue also reduces air pollutants. There are also natural fiber carpets available such as jute, sisal and wool that many builders offer to improve air quality. Many Built Green homes feature plans that reduce the amount of carpeting and use alternate flooring made from sustainably harvested wood or bamboo.
  2. Paints: Many Built Green homes use low-VOC and low-toxic interior paints and finishes to reduce toxins ordinarily associated with other paints. Using these types of paints helps to improve the overall indoor air quality of the home.
  3. Ventilation: Greater air tightness creates a need for mechanical ventilation to avoid potential indoor air quality problems. Balanced or slightly positive ventilation keeps outdoor pollutants from being drawn into the house, prevents back drafting or spillage from combustion appliances (due to under-pressurization), and prevents moisture migration into structural cavities (due to over-pressurization).

Good planning leads to good execution. That is why when you start to plan to build that next new home, you need to plan for the future.

Remember, greatness in is the details. It is those small details that will make your next home a custom home.  Good luck designing your new home. I hope this helps you with you building your next new home.

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