New Homes Built Green – Energy Efficiency

We all need to understand that building green homes is important for the future of this planet. But we also need to understand that building green home is more than just using recycles materials.

So in an attempt to help you understand a little more about building green homes, this part of my series is about Energy Efficient. Saving energy is  not only  saving our natural resources but it can save you money to. Here are a few tips to think about before you build your next new home.

  1. Advanced Framing/Extra Insulation: This building technique can save you up to 4% in building cost. It dose this by saving you close to 30% on lumber but it off set a little by using more insulation.
  2. High Efficiency Water Heater:  By locating your hot water tank near your shower and tubs will also save you money since these 2 items use the most hot water. Insulating your hot water lines and using high efficient hot water tanks will also save money.
  3. Efficient Household Appliances:  Using Energy Star Rated Appliance will reduce costs associated with operating those appliance on a daily bases.
  4. Advance Air Sealing:  By using advance caulking techniques which call a builder to caulk the rough framing prior to insulating will minimizing air leaks.  By minimizing air leaks into your  new home will  reduce the need of conditioning the air inside your new home.

Good planning leads to good execution. That is why when you start to plan to build that next new home, you need to plan for the future.

Remember, greatness in is the details. It is those small details that will make your next home a custom home.  Good luck designing your own home. I hope this helps you with you building your next new home.

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