Design Ideas for New Homes – Rear Foyers

The best part of buying a new home is that you get to design the home any way you like. You get to put your own personal stamp on it. You get the opportunity to design it for you and your family  and how you live in your home.

Today , we will look at an area we call the rear foyer. Some people may call it a mud room but I like to refer to it as a Rear Foyer.  Here are a few design ideas that you should consider when planning on building that new home.

  • The Rear foyer has become our primary entrance into the home so you should pay close attention to its design. In this area you should consider a place to store books, backpacks and jackets.
  • A Rear Foyer bench can assists with removing shoes than help to store shoes which will keep your home more organized and tidy.
  • A Drop Zone. It’s your recharging center for cell phones, laptops, PDAs, etc. It’s where the mail goes and the keys are hung. Ditto for briefcases, umbrellas and even a first aid kit. It’s where you set heavy items on the way into the house. It’s how you liberate  keep your kitchen from clutter
  • Rear Foyers shouldn’t have washing and dryer in them. You didn’t  want to walk through the laundry area when coming into the home through the garage. You won’t have to be reminded that there are clothes waiting to be folded (or washed!) every time you–or your friends—come in through the garage

In summary a rear foyer should be thought as a transition area  into your new home. This a a perfect area, if well designed, that can help organize everything that all homes have.  So thinking about an area to remove your shoes than store them, An area that keeps clutter out of the kitchen by providing a convenient spot for keys, briefcases, mail and umbrellas,  plus a recharging center for cell phones, laptop computers, and digital cameras..  These are all products that we have but not manyi people think about when building a new home.

Remember, greatness in is the details. It is those small details that will make your next home a custom home.  Good luck designing your own home. I hope this helps you with you building your next new home.

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