Design Ideas for New Homes – Storage Areas

The best part of building a new home is that you get to design the home any way you like. You get to put your own personal stamp on it. You get the opportunity to design it for you and your family and how you live in your new home.

Today, we will look at storage areas for new homes.  This is probably the most overlook  area of a new home until you have closed on the home and moved into it.

Here are a few design ideas that you should consider when planning on building that new home.

  • Costco have changed the way we shop. That is way all  new homes need a walk-in kitchen pantry  that can be accessed directly from rear foyer. Or is close to it. That is so you can carry items from the car right to the pantry without walking to far.
  • A large owner’s suite walk-in closet with natural light. A window inside your closet allows you to see clothes colors more accurately and can be opened to allow fresh air in this closet to help keep your cloths smelling fresh.
  • Organize your life. Double hanging means twice the storage for shirts and pants, while long banging accommodates dresses, coats, etc. Then there’s the stack of shelves for sweaters. And, due to it’s generous width, this walk-in closet can double as a comfortable dressing area.
  • Rear foyer design including convenient bench with storage under and coat hooks above, closet and drop zone offers family-size accommodations
  • A check list of closets that every home should have
    • Front coat
    • Rear coat
    • Broom closet
    • Walk in Pantry
    • Walk in Maters Suite
    • Linen in main  hallway near bedroom
    • Linen inside all bathrooms
  • Garage storage area. When planning for shelving and storage space in your garage, think in “zones.” If you plan for a gardening zone, car care zone, sports zone, etc., you can arrange items so they’re easy to locate visually. A place for everything and everything in its place!
  • How about a wall cabinet above your toilet for those personal items.
  • Built-ins in a family room  or great room are the perfect place to display heirlooms and house TV and electronic equipment. Flanking either side of the fireplace, their location makes furniture arrangements easy!
  • Look in organizing your garage with custom storage units.

Ever new home has a need for storage. So do not over look the importance of storage.

Remember, greatness in is the details. It is those small details that will make the difference.  Good luck designing your own home. I hope this helps.

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