Design Ideas for New Homes – Bathrooms

The best part of building a new home is that you get to design the home any way you like. You get to put your own personal stamp on it. You get the opportunity to design it for you and your family and how you live in your home.

Today, we will look at Bathrooms. The Bathrooms have become one of the areas that can make or breaker your new home.

Here are a few design ideas that you should consider when planning on building that new home.

  • Split vanities in the owner’s bathroom can make it easier to have your items right where you need them in the morning. Plus, you can opt to have the vanities at different heights for added comfort.
  • Bathroom are becoming like spa. How would you like to come home to a spa bath experience! Every day you will appreciate this luxurious walk-in shower complete with dual shower heads, a seat, and glass block window for natural light. Plus, there’s no door to clean—ever—and a heat lamp, too!
  • Rather than turning up the TV in your bedroom, just to listen for the weather forecast, we’ve got a better idea. A TV here in your bathroom!
  • Compartmented bathroom with dual sinks and private toilet/tub area eases time pressures when several members of your household are getting ready for the day at the same time
  • Secluded water closet. You just can’t have too much privacy, especially if there will be two people using this bathroom at the same time
  • A linen closet or a pantry is a must for storage in any bathroom.
  • What about a Claws Foot Tub for that true elegances?
  • What about turning your shower into a steam room by adding a Mr. Steamer unit?

Keep in mind that in today’s market , bathroom designs can help sell a home faster and for more money.

Remember, greatness in is the details. It is those small details that will make the difference.  Good luck building your new home. I hope this helps.

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