Ideas For New Homes And Green Homes

Building a green home is a huge step in a healthy direction. If you’re considering this option for your family consider these ten important green building tips which should be a part of your building plan.

1. Small is best. The best green new homes have just enough space and no more. If you can’t build small, at the very least build smaller by optimizing the space you have and by building up instead of out.

2. Figure in renewable energy. Make sure your home is designed to utilize passive solar, daylight, and other renewable energy techniques.

3. Plan for recycling and nature. Plan your new home so that recycling and composting spaces are already incorporated. Make sure to include outdoor living spaces and large windows that bring nature inside.

4. Design strong. A home with a long life is a green new home naturally. Talk to different architects and contractors and make sure they have a durability plan.

5. Choose materials that are easily recycled and/or reused. It’s fine to assume you’ll live in your home forever, but if remodeling or deconstruction are ever an issue it’s best to have recycled and recyclable materials in place.

6. Build your new home where it will benefit from the site. For example, if you’ve got shade trees already in place, why build far away on the plot? Hedges are great for blocking cold, so build near, not away from them. Take a look at the existing vegetation then make your home plans around it.

7. Choose eco-friendly and local materials that actually work in your area. Not all earth-friendly materials work the same or as well for different sites. For example, solar power won’t work well in an area that gets little sun. Do you homework before choosing your building material.

8. Have a recycling plan in place for the building process. There’s no reason to waste any building materials you use.

9. Pay attention to the roof. You roofing choices do have a large impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Take a look at Three Eco Roof Additions and green roof options.

10. Look for responsible wood. A lot of people use wood as their primary building source. Although it looks like a poor choice due to the need to cut down trees, as long as you choose a responsible wood company you should be set.

Remember, greatness in is the details. It is those small details that will make the difference.

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