Why A Brand New Home?

In today’s market a home buyer have so many choices when it comes buying a new home or used. Becuase there are so many choices,  it sometimes makes it hard to make a decision. Although there are some fantastic deals on foreclosures, they mostly come with baggage. Baggage that you will have to deal with either before or after you moves into the home. That is why I think buying new house is better.

Here is why I think you should buy a brand new house;

First reason is you are not inheriting anybodies worn out carpet or their personal taste in colors. A brand new home enables you to pick the colors that you like and that express your own personality.

The second biggest reason for buying a brand new home is that you know that all the materials are new and if something goes wrong, you have a warranty.

The third reason for buying a brand new home is that you can customize the floor plan to suit your family needs and want and not just a generic one size fits all design.

The fourth reason is that you will not have to factor any money into your budget for house repairs or replacing of any part of the home for at least 10 years or more.   It is nice to know that all you have to do is pay your mortgage and utilities for you to have a roof over head.

The fifth reason for buying brand new houses is the fact that new houses will stay in demand longer than a houses that is already 5, 10 or 15 years old.  Homes that are newer tend to bring more money than older homes.

The sixth reason is that homes today  are built with will better insulating  factors so it will cost you less to heat and cool your brand new house.

I hope this helps you in deciding which home you should buy. Remember, “greatness is in the details’ so pay attention to the details.

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