Rick Merlini

Rick Merlini has been in the building industry for over 32 Years. He opened his first company at the early age of 21. The name of the company was Renaissance Building. It specialized in all types of home improvement and after 7 years in business it became one of the largest Home Improvement companies in the state.

Rick’s passion took him in a new direction at the age of 29. Rick found an interest in New Construction Homes. He started a new company that he named RCM Homes. After 10 years of great success , building his company up to build over 60 homes a year.

He renamed his company to American Heartland in the mid 1990’s. His goal was to become a Semi Production Home Builder. He grew that company to build over 150 homes a year. In the process , he has become a Certified Mater Builder by the National Homebuilders Association.

Now at the age of 53, Ricks has set his goals in to build less homes but with more substance. He has again changed his direction and has gone into building custom home but with a twist. Most custom home builders just throw money at fixing problems or creating a custom home. Rick instead wants to create less costly custom home make them custom through better design. With his experience in building production homes , he has brought some of those same cost saving ideas with his creative in design to American Heartland Homes in am attempt to create better homes through design.

Rick also has built 2 homes for ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition. One of those homes still holds the record for the fastest build. Having built a 3900 Square Foot home in 53 hours and 54 minutes is close to half the time of his nearest competitor.

When you add up Rick Merlini experience and accomplishment, with his passion and his creativity and than put that together with his Sense of community and helping others , you have a Home Builder that you can learn from, A guy you know will give you creative ideas that work and a homebuilder that you can trust.
All you have to do is spend just 20 minutes with the guy , you will see everything that I am telling you is what Rick Merlini is as a person.